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(L-R) Scott McWilliams; Rob Coppo; Jim Snyder; Dave Palmer

Resurrection Radio is less about bringing something back to life and more about celebrating one of our favorite eras of music. As punk rock formed and then flamed out, giving way to post-punk, new wave, no wave and ska, the late ‘70s – early ‘80s was a fertile ground for experimental new music and what eventually became the alternative music revolution. We’re a band of four friends, all raised in this era, who love to pay tribute to, as well as put our own spin on the music that shaped us.

From the initial sounds of punk rock from The Clash, The Ramones and the Sex Pistols, to the pro to-goth of The Cure, the post-punk explorations of Echo & The Bunnymen, the jangle revolution spurred on by REM, and many more, we’re happy to take you on a trip through some of the most vital music ever made.

So come on out to see us wherever we’re playing and see how many songs you remember. Or just dance around like our crazy friend and loudest fan Mark. Check our Facebook page for weekly updates like Trivia Tuesday, where we’ll look into the nooks and crannies of the era, and Flashback Friday,  when we highlight some of the greatest records of the time. And come back to visit often, as we’ll be adding new things to the site all the time.

Thanks for stopping by, from your friends in Resurrection Radio.

RobBlur2_WebRob Coppo – Drums

Before reuniting with former bandmate Scott McWilliams to form Resurrection Radio, Rob Coppo first started playing drums back in high school when a couple of friends decided to start a band.  No one in the band knew how to play an instrument, but that didn’t stop Fiction from giving it a go.  Thanks to the creative freedom of the early days of alternative music, Rob and Fiction were inspired to take some chances and over time the band developed their own goth-rock sound.  Inspired by such bands as Bauhaus, The Cure and And Also the Trees, Fiction became a regular in the local San Diego music scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  As a devotee of the pioneers of goth, Rob keeps the spirits of those darkwave days alive as he sets a steady beat for Resurrection Radio.

JimDaveSing_WebJim Snyder – Vocals, Guitar

 Jim Snyder joined the band Belladonna in 1990 when the group’s previous drummer went MIA.  Jim’s availability, as well as his ability to count to four (most of the time) made him a logical replacement.  The three piece band, which quickly re-named itself, “Adam’s Fall”, played a somewhat darker,  looser style of Alternative Rock similar to bands such as The Church, Love and Rockets, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Pixies. They were a garage band in the literal sense that, with the exception of a handful of back yard parties, they played exclusively in the bass player’s garage. The early band experience was short lived, but launched an exploration into alternative rock music that traveled forward and backward simultaneously from that place. 24 years later, when Rob brought up the idea of forming a band among friends, Jim was interested from the get go, though it must be confessed that he was greatly relieved that “classic alternative” won out over the “middle-aged hair band” option.  He also feels that “Resurrection Radio” makes for a way cooler name than “Suspicious Freckle.”

ScottSpotlight2_WebScott McWilliams – Guitar

Scott started playing guitar at 10 years old. He was soon playing bars with friends with an odd mix of songs including “Take Me Home Country Roads” and “Margaritaville”. After high school he played guitar in a goth band called Datura, then joined Fiction as the bass player with Rob Coppo. He’s played in a number of bands since then, but was mostly playing Rock Band and other virtual music games. A change in career meant he could spend more time playing music and he quickly teamed up with former Datura bandmates to play bass in Hyacinth. Then a number of events conspired to make him think that a cover band would be fun. In his spare time he tries to keep at least one of his five vintage Volkswagens in running order.

DaveRobSide_WebDave Palmer – Bass

Dave has been abusing the bass since his first year in college when he bartered a denim jacket for an obscenely heavy Epiphone bass that died after about a year. Undeterred, he was able to acquire a more reliable Yamaha BB300 and entertain the discerning crowds of Valparaiso University for a few more years before settling back into a career on the business end of music, joining a long line of record company hacks (his own term), DJs and music writers who obviously longed to be making music in addition to writing and talking about it. So after a long sabbatical and Rob’s insistence that they stop talking about playing music and actually do it, he dug out his trusty Yamaha and does his level best to hold down the low end for Resurrection Radio.