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Trivia Tuesday: The Cure – The Head On The Door

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015

Trivia Tuesday: The Cure – The Head On The Door

Hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since this classic record was released. For our bass player, this was his inaugural show from The Cure, at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom, an historic venue in the Windy City that has hosted everyone from The Clash to U2 to the Rolling Stones. And it’s crazy to think that 30 years ago, a ticket for The Cure was only $12.

As Dave recalls, “there was a rumor spreading around the club that Ministry was going to open the show. At the time, Ministry had only released their debut, With Sympathy, which was a synth-pop sort of record on Arista Records (Billy Ocean; Flock Of Seagulls.). The song, “Work for Love” was a Chicago-area hit in new wave dance clubs like Medusa’s, and teen-only nights at places like McGreevy’s. So the idea that they’d open the show had some buzz. It was not, however, true. And that didn’t matter. The Cure was plenty enough.”

$12. Such a deal!

$12. Such a deal!







So put the record on again and celebrate 30 years of The Head On The Door. We’ll be playing at least one of those songs on September 25th at Bolt Brewery in La Mesa, along with some new songs added to our repertoire.


Inside The Aragon Ballroom. Not for The Cure in 1985.

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